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Celebrating the Gift of Life, Art and Creativity

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Harp and Keyboard by Isobel Stamford

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My childhood experience of attending Music and Art camp, was a pivotal moment in my life, shaping who I would become as a

Musician, Mixed Media Artist and Silversmith.

Art is Freedom for me. 


It allows me to express all that I am.  All that I love. 


I love painting with my fingers and using my hands to fully connect with the creative mediums I use.  I like to explore, like a child, free and non-judgemental, making marks and sounds and allowing the unexpected to emerge in my work, being fully open to what is willing to meet me in my creative process. 

The natural world is deeply influential in my work, from creating music of the flowers, to soul collage and painting animals, as well as

designing and making beautiful silver, mixed metal and enamel jewellery.

As an artist, I like to play and have fun.  All of my senses are delighted through my multi-modal process of creating. 


Creativity is the guiding light to my deepest JOY.

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Mixed Media Art and Jewellery

by Isobel Stamford

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Isobel celebrates the gift of life through her abundantly creative spirit and immense joy.  She is a Mixed Media Artist, Creative Harpist and Jewellery designer and maker. She is also an intuitive guide and channel. She has been embracing creativity and the expressive arts as her channel to bring peace to body, mind and spirit since early childhood.


Isobel has trained in Harp Therapy at the International Harp Therapy Program, USA and is a certified Stress Management coach.  Isobel's interest in the Arts as Therapy and her Positive Psychology approach plays an important role in her creativity. 

Isobel's mission and purpose in life is to create Beauty, Love, Peace and Oneness in the world. She follows her Inner Light and taps into the immense power of creativity to transform our lives.

Working with Isobel couldn't be easier, you can connect through Private Channelled Sessions, through her Music, Art and Jewellery creations, as well as soon being able to participate in her online courses that will assist you to harmonise with the brilliance of your own inner creative Light.

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Intuitive Guidance and Channelled Wisdom Sessions

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Private Channelled Sessions

Wow!! What a profound and magical experience!!  Even before my call with Isobel, I could feel the excitement bubbling up. 

Isobel is truly an amazing channel for the Divine. She touched my heart and my Soul. When she played her harp and channelled Light language, the tears flowed. I felt like I was home!

Everything she channelled was so spot on and the vibration was something else. It was so uplifting and I know it has awoken something deep within me. I had questions, but to be honest, I didn't need them as she answered all of them before I even got to ask. The message was just what I needed right now to help me let go and move forward with my life and see it through a new lens.  


I feel inspired by Isobel and her amazing talent. But most of all she is a truly beautiful, loving and kind Soul. I will be back for more.  Thank you for a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

Love you Isobel

Eleanor xxx

—  Eleanor Cleary


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