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Intuitive Guidance and

Channelled Wisdom sessions





DURATION:  30 minutes


A private channelled session is 30 minutes in length and is held online via Zoom. However by request there is an option to extend the session to 60 minutes on the bookings page. Simply select your preferred duration along with the date and time from the bookings calendar.  Once booked, a meeting link will be sent out the day before your appointment and once the session has ended a replay link to the recording will be sent to you so that you can listen again and again for deeper clarity and insight.

At the beginning of your session Isobel will share with you the intuitive guidance she has received for you prior to the session.  Many insights are gained in this part of your private session.  You will then be guided into the channelled wisdom by live Harp music which Isobel plays continuously throughout to maintain the vibrational frequency of the session. 


You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the channelling and it is advised that you prepare 3-5 questions prior to your session.  Your questions should be based around what you would really LOVE to gain insight and clarity on from a Higher Self and Soul perspective.  You will be guided in the session when to ask your questions.

It is advised that you allow an extra 15 minutes after the session completes to integrate the frequencies and journal important insights that will continue to stream from your Higher Self after the session.  These private channelled sessions can also be used to assist you to deepen your own connection and ability to communicate with your Higher Self.

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