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As an artist, when I connect to my 'inspiration' and open up to something more that wishes to emerge in my Art, I am opening to what I feel is the process of channelling.  From an artists perspective, to channel is to be in the flow, in the moment, listening intuitively for the whispers of direction or guidance we may hear, see, feel, sense or know within us and within the body of work we are in resonance with.  Channelling is being attuned to a deeper wisdom and guidance, a non verbal communication of a non physical force that resides and communicates at the core of our being and which can be inspired by the medium we are connecting too, be it a piece of art, a harp string beneath our fingers or a person that we are focused upon. Channelling is primarily the ability to be open to what is willing to meet us in the moment, to be open to hearing the whispers and then allowing what has met us through these whispers to be expressed in some manner, perhaps through our fingers, through a paint brush, through paints, through words, through our voice, through a deep inner knowing, through a vision, through sound, through colour or through light.

Channelling is ultimately a state of being open in expanded awareness of the non-physical forces that surround us all of the time. To be in the state of channelling is to allow this non-physical force to be expressed through us in whatever physical form we are most resonant with.

When I work with people intuitively and channel wisdom in a private session, what I am doing is opening and expanding into both the physical and the non-physical resonant field we create together, opening to hearing the whispers of the seen and unseen; known and unknown; that we bring with us through our stories, questions, dreams, desires, wishes, experiences and vibrations that we carry.  We meet each other In this resonant field and it is in this field where we can allow the flow of inspired higher awareness to be felt, communicated and expressed.  In this field we can open up even further and communicate with the deeper wisdom and guidance that is there for us.  In this field we can find clarity, new possibilities and an expanded awareness that has the potential to transform our lives.

There is so much tangible beauty and love in these sessions, as attested to by some of the wonderful and heartfelt comments from those that have experienced private channelled sessions with me.  You can read the testimonials through the link below.  If you are interested in booking a private session, you can book directly here on my website.  For more information about the Private Sessions, please visit the Private Sessions page from the link below.

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